Clean Colouring Tips

Have you ever worked all day and night on a cake, only to be rewarded with multi-coloured rainbow hands that last all weekend? Read below for a few simple tips that might help.

Colourful cake
Colourful cakes can leave a mess if you’re not careful!
  • When colouring fondant or gum paste it is always best to wear plastic gloves. This avoids colourful looking hands when attending events!
  • It is much easier to knead the colour into the fondant when wearing gloves, everything glides through your hands, and with this process less mess is created.
  • If you are lazy and don’t want to wear gloves (I’m guilty of this…) and have food colouring stuck all over your hands, wash your hands then quickly shake off the water and use Dettol, shaving cream or any soap while massaging your hands along with the soap. You will see the food colour start to wash off from your hands.

One thought on “Clean Colouring Tips

  1. I wear gloves when coloring fondant or gumpaste because the color never stains my gloves. It always mixes into the material. When I use my hands the color stains my skin so I know that my skin is absorbing some of the color that’s for the fondant. Plus, it makes the fondant or gp not stick to my gloves.

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