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I got the idea to create edible tools when I was trying to come up with some additional sweets idea for my nephew’s construction themed birthday party. I wanted something relatively easy to make, where I could make it a week or so in advance and potentially something that people could take home with them on the day. I started to think about all the other ‘stuff’ that relates to the construction theme and was thinking how I could buy some spanners, screwdrivers, nails…etc to dress up the table when it occurred to me that I could create moulds of them and make them edible! And since they were all a dirty kind of silver anyways, it would not be difficult to colour them with lustre dust.

On display at the party.
On display at the party!

I made a video of the process so you guys can check it out!

Here are some additional tips and hints I could not fit into the video:

  • If you are not experienced enough to temper chocolate, use a good quality compound chocolate instead. This was what I used and I found it so much easier and faster. I didn’t have to worry about the temperature of the chocolate and I could pop it into the fridge to speed up the process.
  • Make sure to wash the tools and pieces really well, I used soapy water to remove any grease and oil, then put them in the oven to fully dry.
  • When filling with chocolate, wiggle your piping bag. This helps the chocolate get in all the corners.
  • With the screw mould, after you have filled it with chocolate you may have to place it between two things to prop it up as it sets.
  • When you remove the round nut chocolate, you will need to ‘unscrew’ it from the mould. If you prefer to be able to pop it out, shave off the thread indentations. I leave it because although it’s hard to remove, it makes them look realistic.
  • You only need to dust the side of the spanner that will be seen. I didn’t bother with the back side 🙂
  • Store the dusted chocolates in a container. I have found that moisture can cause the silver dust to fade a little.

Products Used – Silli Creations (make your own mould kit) and Rainbow Dust Edible Silk Range (Silver Saturn).

Bolts and Screws
Nuts and Screws

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