Chilling out at Cake Spa with Jacqueline from Petalsweet

What is a cake spa? Is it somewhere cakes go to relax? No… but it is somewhere where cake decorators go to chill out. There are no facials and mud wraps but lots of demos and learning outcomes. 



It’s been almost a year since I have had a chance to indulge myself in learning from someone else. And last weekend was such a special treat! Together with some cake girlfriends we all had the honour of playing host in a private flower class with Jacqueline Butler of Petalsweet. Oh, it was exciting and just like what you’d imagine gathering 6 decorators in a room might be. There was lots of chatter and gossiping and occasionally Jacqueline had to tell us to quiet down and get to work! 



 Jacqueline’s Hydrangeas. Pretty, pretty!
People outside the cake world might think that it’s strange for us all to be friends considering that we all run businesses in competition with each other. But what they don’t understand is that the cake decorating community is filled with lots of lovely people and that we are mostly all friends or know of each other. We love to share information and brainstorm how to handle difficult clients and at the end of the day, this circle of friends are really the only ones who truly understand how hard it is to run a business in this market, bail you out when you are in trouble (I’ve run out of sliver balls! My cake doesn’t seem to be balancing right!) and can laugh at cake type jokes with you.





 Our finished flowers!
So it was truly a fun filled 3 days that I got to spend with my friends and also learn from the super talented and down to earth Jacqueline. She has such a unique style when it comes to flowers and I love how her technique is simple but so effective. In 3 days all of us have learned so much and at the end it felt like our eyes were opened up to a whole new way of making sugar flowers…




5 thoughts on “Chilling out at Cake Spa with Jacqueline from Petalsweet

  1. This is the first time I’ve heard of cake spa and I like the sound of it! It’s good that you’ve made close friends in the biz, I guess it’s the same with food bloggers (to some extent). Sharing the same passion and helping one another out 🙂

  2. such a lovely idea to be so connected with the people who are in the same indsutry as you.

    recently i attended a decorating class and just this week I managed to make use of the contacts I made there! Only people who do what you do can really understand the frsutration of running of silver balls (for example as you said above) at 2am…tell someone else and they would just say ” go sleep and get more tomorrow” hahaha

  3. Helloooo all your gorgeous gals! I want to get on your invite list for the next Cakespa!!

    Mind you … when it comes to causing giggles and creating too much chatter…. ooops I might be expelled before I get there 🙁

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