Cascading Flower Arrangement Mini Tutorial

A lot of people have always asked me about how to handle cascading flower arrangements on cakes. While I may not always arrange them on the cake traditionally (with posy picks), I find this is the way that works best for me. So I thought I’d share it with you 🙂

Please note that if you are doing any competition work or in some countries, the way I am arranging it below (with the wires directly into the cake) may not be acceptable. In that case, you will need to work on arranging them in a cascade first or in smaller bunches and then insert them into the cake with a posy pick.

I also know there have been many heated debates around wires being inserted into cakes. I personally don’t have any issues with it and I’m not looking to start a debate here. But an option if you want to arrange the flowers like I have done below and want to avoid inserting the wires directly into the cake is to dip the ends of the wires into melted white chocolate and letting it set so it forms a coating around the wire. Please research your country’s food laws if you are unsure.


Lots of people have asked me where to get the impression mat from. It’s actually from a prism light diffuser. If you go to a lighting/ hardware store they might have sheets of it. But if you want a custom size, it’s best to go to an acrylic manufacturer who should be able to cut a sheet to size for you.

I made this cake late last year and I love the elegant and simplistic feel of it. By keeping the cake itself simple, the flowers really stand out.

A good tip when you are working on any sort of sugar flower arrangement is to make lots of small pieces (buds, berries, leaves…etc). They are perfect for fitting in between gaps to make the arrangement look tight and full. Don’t get carried away with making all the big flowers. You can see in the arrangement above I only have 2 oversize flowers and 4-5 large ones. Whereas I have a tonne of berries, leaves, buds and filler flowers.

Once I have dusted and taped my flowers together, I like to place them all in front of me and organise them by type so I know what I have before I start.

Peonies, roses, dahlias, baby’s breath, filler flowers, berries and leaves 🙂
The cake all stacked and ready to go.
The cake all stacked and ready to go.

I always like to start with the placement of the large flowers first. I usually arrange them in the general direction I want the cascade to go starting with the largest flower at the top. This is because the cascade will taper smaller as it moves downwards.


Then once all the big flowers are in, I start fitting in the smaller buds and leaves. Notice that they are all inserted and angled in towards the centre of the cascade. This helps the arrangement look more natural and full.


I usually tape my leaves together before inserting them.
I usually tape my leaves together before inserting them.


I always leave the berries and filler flowers until last. I don’t really know why, but I’ve just always done that. Perhaps because they are great for filling up any gaps as you can easily spread the bunches out to make them appear bigger.

Use pliers to help push the filler flowers in.
Use pliers to help push the filler flowers in.


The completed cascade 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Cascading Flower Arrangement Mini Tutorial

  1. I love your work Sharon. I’m self taught & attented cake classes. I’m a cake designer and looking forward to develop my skills further.

  2. So is it OK to insert the wired flowers directly into the cake? I worry that the colour dye from the florist tape might discolour the sponge cake. Is the alternative to use a posy pic? In UK they tell us not to insert wires durect, haven’t tried the melted chocolate idea but sounds a good idea.

    1. Hi Anne, some people do prefer posy picks but I’ve never had any issues with the colour dying the cake. But in the UK I think it is very strict and you should be using one.

  3. Hi Sharon. Beautiful cake. I would like to ask you, what kind impression did you used for the side of the cake. Thanks 💜

    1. Hi Carmen, it’s a prism light diffuser (the plastic cover over fluorescent lights in offices). I just bought a sheet and cut it but if you find an acrylic manufacturer they should be able to make a custom size for you.

  4. Beautiful arrangement! You are right about countries or people who have a say about the flower wires being inserted to the cake. What i do is i wrapped it with cling plastics before inserting them to the cake. I love your idea of dipping it to melted white chocolate. I will surely try it.

  5. Sharon,
    This is beautiful! Sometimes I have an issue with my flowers pulling the fondant after I’ve inserted them.Do you recommend letting the fondant dry out for a certain period of time before inserting the cascade? Or, could they be too heavy maybe?

    1. Hi Ebony, it could be too heavy or the filling is too soft inside. Or sometimes the wire is too short and is bending or falling out. If it’s heavy then I will make sure it’s a firm cake (like mudcake and ganache, not a sponge cake and buttercream), rest it on a lower tier, or use a styrofoam dummy for that tier.

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