Calculating a Piece of Cake!

If you are in the business of cake decorating, you probably have already noticed that in the fine print of your job description, you not only require a passion and talent in baking and decorating, you also require a degree in mathematics.



Everywhere you look there’s a calculation required. There’s measurements for batter, heights and widths for cakes, the amount of serves that your cake will potentially serve and probably the most important one – the calculations of cost and profit.

Personally I don’t run a cake decorating business, but if you’re anything like me and liken mathematical equations to deciphering Egyptian Hieroglyphics, listen up because in the time of technology we’re about to be saved.


Husband and wife team Chris and Jennifer Flesner have developed a revolutionary app called TieredCaker that eliminates a lot of guess work, and calculates most of the time consuming cake decorating equations for you.


This app allows you to create a 3D prototype of your cake that can be customised to suit your cake design. It features all the standard shapes along with those that are a little more unconventional such as a hexagon, heart and petal. When creating your prototype you can select how big each tier is and whether any are extended. There’s also an option to change the colour of each tier to suit.


Sounding good so far? Well once your prototype is complete, not only will you have an insight into how your finish product will look, TieredCaker will also happily calculate how many serves you will get from your cake. The app separates the servings so you know how many are in each tier, while diagrams show how the amount of servings has been calculated on each level and thus how it should be cut – helpful knowledge when delivering to a venue.


Worried about serving sizes? Don’t be! Jennifer also has that covered! Whether it’s a coffee or a wedding size serve you need, simply select the option required and it will automatically recalculate how many serves you will get from your cake.


There’s also a guide to quickly work out an approximate base cost for your cake, per serve. For example for this prototype I have created consisting of an 4”, 6”, 8”, 12” and 14” round, if I allow $8.00 per serve it will cost me approximately $1,352.00 and give me roughly 169 serves.


Or not sure what cake shape to use to achieve the number of servings required? There’s a function for that too! Just tap in the amount of servings you need and it will list all the possible combinations of tiered cakes that have a serving yield closest to your requirements.




So if a bride wants an impressive cake with 200 servings, I can choose from a variety of tiered options, but she’d best start saving her pennies as it’s likely to cost her over the $1,600 dollar mark.


This app would be the perfect tool for any decorator, it’s sure to give you a better judgment on what you should be pricing your cakes at different sizes.

Don’t forget these prices are only an estimate and don’t include your labour of love and materials for decorating the cake, so be sure to factor that into your final quotations to your clients.


Be warned – this app may give some of you a rude awakening as to what you should actually be charging for your work. Remember not to sell yourself short!

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