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Sharon Wee's Books

Adorable Cakes for All Occasions Playful Party Cakes

About the books

Sharon has self-published two books so far. Her first book Adorable Cakes for All Occasions was released in 2014, and Playful Party Cakes followed in 2016. Each book contains:

  • A number of major and minor projects
  • Beautiful images of the finished cakes
  • A step by step guide for every project, with at least one image for every step - adding up to hundreds of images
  • All the basics - ganaching, covering, and stacking cakes
  • A glossary of terms and tools, some reliable recipes, and templates to speed up the projects

They are available as a traditional paper book, or a more cost effective (and environmentally friendly) PDF version is available for direct download.

To see the full set of project images please visit our store which has our books and many other cake decorating tutorials. Or continue below for resources and free samples!

Free Sample Projects

Not sure about the books yet? Want to see more? Click the images below to view a sample project PDF from each book.

Cake Calculator

Cake Calculator

We've created a cake recipe calculator for you to use. The calculator will allow you to adjust the cake and icing recipes from the books for any tin size!


Any mistakes found in the printing of the books is listed below.

  • Playful Party Cakes - Page 145, Almond and Honey Cake - Step 2 should say 'almond meal' instead of 'self-raising flour'.
  • Adorable Cakes For All Occasions - Page 153, Hazelnut and Orange Cake - This cake has caused some challenges for a few people so we have added some additional hints and tips for it (some of these tips are useful for any recipe!)


Playful Party Cakes has some supplementary video tutorials to help explain certain steps. You can view them below, or use this Youtube playlist that I've created for you.

How to ganache a round cake - page 10

How to ganache a square cake - page 10

How to cover a round cake with fondant - page 15

How to cover a square cake with fondant - page 17

How to cover a cake board - page 21

How to create a fondant teddy bear figurine - pages 30 and 60

How to cover a geometric tile patterned cake board - page 30

How to shape a fondant seahorse body - page 36

How to apply paint splatters to a cake board - page 44

How to apply a painted grass effect to cupcakes - page 52

How to make chocolate tools - page 92

How to ganache a doughnut shaped cake - page 94

Full Size Templates

Each book features scaled down templates but why waste time photocopying when you can download and print them here?

PDF iconAdorable Cakes for All Occasions Templates

PDF iconPlayful Party Cakes Templates

Each template is A4 paper size so if you use another paper size, such as US Letter, be sure to turn off any scaling options when printing.

Retail Locations

The following stores around the world are selling Sharon's books. Please contact them directly for any purchasing enquiries.

If your favourite local retailer is not on the list, please ask them to contact us about stocking the book - it's best if they hear from their customers directly. And be sure to join our mailing list to avoid missing out on updates.

If you wish to stock the book please contact us by email for our price list and other details.



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