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Live-like experience

Experience Sharon's personal teaching style from anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

All the help you need

Live daily feedback and support is available from Sharon, along with a forum for discussion with your fellow students.

Motivation to finish

Prizes, daily live support, and a common class schedule for all students to motivate everyone to finish and share their projects.

Just like a live class

Sharon has extensive experience teaching thousands of students from around the world. But we know it's not possible for everyone to attend a live class.  

Unlike any of our other online classes and tutorials, this new style of online course is as close as you can get to an in-person class with Sharon - complete with live support and real time feedback, but with the convenience of working comfortably in your own environment.  

Best of all, you'll always get the best seat in the classroom - right next to Sharon!

Extra help and resources

Daily live support from Sharon, quality videos, a materials list, step by step downloadable notes, and recipes.  

Sharon will also set aside dedicated live brainstorming sessions where she will explain how to use the fox structure and adapt it to other cake designs using the same general techniques. Students can submit ideas and Sharon will choose some as examples of how to best adapt a starting structure into many different designs.

Work at your own pace ...

Stop, pause, rewind or speed up as you see fit. This class will work with you whether you're an early bird or night owl.  

No need to wait for other students to finish before moving to the next step or feeling pressured to hurry up because everyone else is waiting.

Testimonial from Debbie

The detailed instructions made me see that this course was very special and unlike any other. I wasn't confident to try an internal structure before this course, but it was like Sharon was by our side encouraging us all the way. We learnt how to make the fox cake and a lot more because of Sharon's generosity with her knowledge in cakes and she simplifies it all.


Being able to be tutored by Sharon was a privilege. Being able to practice in the privacy of my home and get feedback was invaluable. This course is a fantastic way to upskill, meet like minded people and I highly recommend this learning platform. Eagerly awaiting the next one.


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... but don't work alone!

Ask as many questions as you like! Sharon will be available twice a day on live chat during the course, to help you or just provide moral support.  

We'll also guarantee a 24 hour turnaround time for emailed questions, and you'll have access to a forum to network and chat with students all over the globe so you can make new friends and share tips and advice.  

We'll encourage you to submit your work for feedback from Sharon and fellow students, so you get the guidance and confidence you need to continue.

Be motivated to finish

Too often we all buy online classes and tutorials and just don't use them. We don't want this to happen in this course, so we break things down into daily tasks and Sharon will be available every day during the course for guidance. We'll also be giving out prizes for participation and completion!  

However, the course content is still yours to keep for life. Even if you can't finish along with everyone else, it won't disappear. You can keep chatting to friends, and view any new bonus content next time it runs.

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