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Cake Recipe Calculator

Welcome to our cake recipe calculator! This calculator includes recipes from Sharon's books, Adorable Cakes for all Occasions and Playful Party Cakes, which you can purchase along with other cake decorating tutorials from our store.

How it works: The calculator knows some recipes and multiplies the ingredients based on the tin size you select. The results should not be taken as absolute as there may be some differences due to rounding and how fast different sized cakes will cook and expand. However if you have trouble resizing recipes then this calculator should definitely be a good starting point!

Standard Mix: The recipes used are based on one 8 inch square or 9 inch round cake that is 4 inches tall with 3 inner layers of icing.

Important Note: Just to repeat the above, these recipes are given as a guide only and we cannot guarantee that there are no mistakes. Please use common sense, especially when dealing with cooking or mixing times. Smaller cakes will cook faster and you will need to check them earlier!

Feedback: If you have any feedback or want to let us know of any errors in the recipe or calculations (apart from minor rounding errors) please email us at and let us know. We do intend for the icing mixtures to leave a bit spare so don't panic if you have extra!

Eggs: Just because it can be tricky we'll add a note about eggs. Sometimes depending on the ratios you might get a result like 3.75 eggs (or 3 and 3 quarter eggs). Usually it is fine to just round to the nearest number, so 4 eggs may be fine. If you want to be precise, then put the egg in a bowl, weigh it, then beat it with a whisk or fork to combine and then remove some based on the weight. A digital scale helps immensely with this, and many other recipes.


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Chocolate Cake
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