Cake, Bake and Sweets Show Roundup – Sydney March 2014

The absolute, crazy, amazing, mayhem that is the Cake, Bake and Sweets show… honestly I don’t even know where to began with the whole experience.
To think that when quit my job three and a half years ago, I was sitting alone in my apartment making cakes, and now, over that weekend I was running classes along side some of the best in the industry (and got to meet Duff Goldman!). It definitely was a major milestone for me.

It was an intense couple of weeks with extremely long hours leading up to the show and then just like that, it all seemed be over in three short days. One minute we were all squealing in excitement to meet those we have only ever seen online, hugging and catching up like long lost friends, and the next minute we were all tearfully saying goodbye whilst rushing to pack cars, pick up luggage and head to the airport.

Bump in day with (from L-R) Ling (Kitty Bakes), Myself, Sheryl (BITO), Shawna (McGreevy Cakes), Raewyn (Cakes by Raewyn) and Nina (Make Pretty Cakes). As you can see we have a VESTED interest in the show going well 🙂 Can’t remember who took this photo but it was on Facebook and I was tagged!
The whole three days still feels like a surreal dream. The classes, demos, media events, social events and meeting all the amazing decorators and TV personalities really made for an unforgettable experience. Even though all of us were exhausted after it and needed a whole week to recover from the madness, I’m sure we are all eagerly waiting for the next one 🙂

From L-R: Anna-Maria (Anna-Maria Cake Design), Myself, Margie (Margie Carter Cake World), Sheryl (BITO), Shawna (McGreevy Cakes), Lori (The Caketress), Zoe (Zoe Clarke Cakes), Ling (Kitty Bakes)Can’t remember who took this photo but it was on Facebook and I was tagged!
You may not know but I have this problem with biting off more than I can chew. I blame it on my Chinese zodiac symbol – the rat. I love to overcommit for fear of missing out on opportunities and then by the time I realise I am drowning in my own commitments it is usually too late. The show was no exception and I am so grateful for Nick’s support and Sheryl and Ling’s help because I am sure they will tell you that he ended up picking up a lot of the slack. Let me summarise for you how it all happened…
Will you have a stand? Sure why not.
Want me to teach a class? How about I teach two?

Prep work for 30 students? No problem. I’ll just be super organised.
Good friends getting married that same weekend? Of course I will make your cake and cupcakes. How could I not?
Demos at the show all three days? Ok! 

Media event in three days and you need us to run classes and make a cake for TV? Of course!

Made with Sheryl BITO for
The Morning Show!

My cakes on TV with Duff 😀

Amazing treats from Anna Polyviou and team from the Shangri-la

More amazing Anna treats!

Who does not love cotton candy?! It’s so FLUFFY I could die!!
Weather coverage at the show? Yes I will wake up and be there at 6.45am.

Sheryl BITO on TV!!
Will you enter a cake for the competition? Why not?!

Will you have your book ready for sale at the show? Yes I will make it happen!
Show visiting friends my amazing city and awesome food places? I’m there!

Will you demo at other stands at the show? Ok sure!
Book overseas ticket for classes and pack bags? I’m on it!
Need another cake for a TV segment in less than 48 hours? I’d love t- wait what?! I did say no to this one but it was finally because I was pushed up right against a wall while I was pretty much juggling everything else and I knew if I had said yes, something else would have come crashing down. Luckily for me, when I told Sheryl BITO her first reply to me was ‘Tell me you said no?!’ This was pretty much the smack on the back of my head that I desperately needed.
I’m sure you can see where this is going and the madness that I somehow end up putting myself in. It’s kind of like when you are eating potato chips/fries and even when you are stuffed to the brim and can not possibly eat any more… you always seem to be able to fit in another chip… and another… and just one more… ok, just a small one now… oh ok, why not, one more for the road!

Moral of the story? I’m going to try and slow down and focus more, maybe the next time around I might actually be able to sit back and remember those three days clearly. And instead of running, sweating and panting like a crazed puppy stuck in his own leash, I might be able to waltz in gracefully in five-inch heels, styled hair and a sparkly skirt like The Caketress 😉

2 thoughts on “Cake, Bake and Sweets Show Roundup – Sydney March 2014

  1. I loved the Cake show, especially your demo on ruffles…so want to try it out. The cakes were amazing! PS. I’m a rat also – and often have a problem with saying No (unless its to my children) 🙂

  2. I loved the Cake show, especially your demo on ruffles…so want to try it out. The cakes were amazing! PS. I’m a rat also – and often have a problem with saying No (unless its to my children) 🙂

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