Bunny and Pistachio Cake Topper Tutorial

Happy May! While most of the world is getting ready for warmer and longer days, here in Australia, the days have gotten very short and cold. I actually love winter. I love the smell of the crisp air and feeling all snuggly under the bed covers. But I hate the short days. Although it’s the same 24 hours I’ve always had, the fact that it gets dark so early makes me feel very unproductive!

Since it’s Mother’s Day this weekend, I’d thought I’d share a cake I made awhile back. The reason I picked this cake is because it is sweet, pretty and easy to put together. And let’s face it, if you have not made any plans for Mother’s Day by now, you are most probably going to want something simple to put together 🙂 A easy and quick Mother’s Day dessert that is not going to cause you great stress but still make you feel like a superstar ;P Watch the video at the end to see how it all comes together.

The technique used for this plaque can be used for any cake (see the Winnie the Pooh cake I made below using the same technique). It’s a nice way to add some impressive handmade decoration to a cake without having to create a 3D model or place a plastic toy on the cake. I have used gum paste (also known as flower paste) here because it dries firmer. But you can always used fondant and mix in a small amount of Tylose or Dyocell (which we have in our store).

The plaque topper on this cake was made with the same technique.

Even if you are not an artist or painter, you can still get the same results. Why? Because we trace and transfer. You really can’t go wrong with this technique. The plaque does need some planning though, so make sure you leave at least a day to allow it to dry so that you can paint it and use it as a cake topper. If you are really pressed for time, you can put the fondant plaque in the oven (just with the light on) or in a dehydrator to dry out.

Transferring images onto fondant
Trace the image onto baking or parchment paper with a 2B pencil. Then press the paper, pencil side down onto the gum paste/fondant to transfer the image. Pencil is non-toxic so it’s not a huge concern. Alternatively, you can just remove the topper and not eat it.
Use a sharp knife to cut around the gum paste.
It helps if you have a reference picture to follow. In this case, this bunny was from a wrapping paper. I used dusts to shade the plaque first, then I added water to the dusts and painted on the details.

I used crushed pistachios because of the beautiful green colour. You can of course use other nuts or even crushed cookie crumbs. I then topped it off with some dried rose petals, again to add some colour. The wavy pattern on the side just makes it look a little different and unique in my opinion 🙂 It’s created by measuring and cutting baking or parchment paper to match the size of the side of your cake then cutting a wavy pattern along one side.

Ensure the cake is cold before pressing the paper along the side. Once the nuts have stuck onto the buttercream, gently unwrap the paper and that’s it!

Watch the video to see how it all comes together and refer to the resource section for links to the recipes I used.


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