Budding Cupcake Decorators

Last weekend I got the pleasure of running a cupcake decorating workshop for 3 budding creative decorators.

Lucia, Hilary and Jane were such fun to be around and made some fantastic cupcakes. At the end, they all looked appreciatively at each other’s cupcakes and their own and all declared that they were never going to eat them 🙂

It’s funny, that’s what all my students say. I guess after putting together the decorations on each cupcake piece by piece and spending a good 4 hours on them, I can understand that it would be hard to shove it all into your mouth (after all, the figurines look like they all have personalities!). That’s pretty much why I hardly eat anything I make 🙂 It’s more satisfying watching people enjoy them.

Hilary and Jane discovered my cupcake decorating workshops through my blog and I was so flattered they knew all about my designs and specifically knew which ones they wanted to learn to make.

Here are some action shots:









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