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The team at Wee Love Baking absolutely adore a chic looking cake that’s bursting with gorgeous pops of colour, and cascading sugar flower arrangements.


It’s one of the reasons why we also love Wild Orchid Baking owner, Erin Gardner’s Craftsy class Cakes in Full Bloom.

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Cakes in Full Bloom is a fantastic course that will teach you the ins and outs of creating modern cake finishes. It also focuses on a variety of techniques that will help you create a number of elegant sugar flowers, such as the beautiful Honeycomb Dahlia, Billy Balls, and Eucalyptus leaves and buds.

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Throughout the course you will learn the importance of creating and executing your design concepts. “It’s one thing to learn cake finishes, and another to learn how to make sugar flowers. But bringing them together in a beautiful, cohesive way can be challenging” Erin told Wee Love Baking.

Once you have learnt Erin’s essentials of design, you truly will find you can implement them across a broad spectrum when designing cakes. “At the beginning of the class I spend time talking about my sketching process along with design fundamentals borrowed from the floral design world” Erin said.

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Erin hopes that her class will infuse her students with the importance of embracing a cake as a design element of an event, as she has demonstrated in the course with her featured cakes. “I basically drew inspiration from the floral, fashion, and paper worlds. I wanted to create cakes that could have easily come from one of my clients walking into my shop with an invitation, floral inspiration, and dress that was being worn to the party”.

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There are so many cake decorating methods you will learn by enrolling in Cakes in Full Bloom, one of our favourite techniques is learning how to adorn cakes with colourful confetti, such a popular trend in the cake industry of current.

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Inlaying different shapes into cake covers was also very interesting and a technique our team really wants to try out.

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You will have lots of support when you enrol in this class. Erin herself is happy to answer any of your questions and you can chat about the course with your fellow students from across the globe in the online forums. Erin hopes Cakes in Full Bloom inspires everyone to think outside the box “I hope people walk away from this class more confident when designing cakes for their own customers”.


Cakes in Full Bloom certainly has our brain ticking over with an abundance of new ideas for cakes we are eager to create. Enrol now to breathe some fresh ideas into your cake decorating and start decorating chic modern cakes that are bound to make anyone smile.

Click the image for more info, and a  special discount on the class
Click the image for more info, and a special discount on the class

Thank you to Erin for taking the time to answer our questions. If you’d like to see more of her work, check the links below.

Instagram: @wildorchidbaking
Twitter: @wildorchidcakes

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