Birthday Sushi Platter

After succeeding in creating the little jelly balls and making lychee roe last week, I decided to work on a sushi set. I’m not sure if I will sell it yet, but I think it would be cool if you could give a box of sushi as a gift.

It was my friend Amir’s birthday this weekend and we had a picnic by the park in front of the Sydney fish markets. So what kind of cake/dessert could be more suiting than a platter of sushi?

I made the salmon, egg and prawn out of rolled icing/fondant and also tried to make unagi out of marshmallow like in the Brownie Points blog. All was well the night before when I melted (I used store bought marshmallows) the marshmallows and shaped them into unagi shapes. And then I put them on a plate, and cling wrapped them… the next night, the unagi marshmallows had become really wet jelly like shapes! For some reason, there was a lot of condensation which made the marshmallows become really wet and unusable. 🙁 I was so disappointed. Next time I know just to leave it on the bench!

Other than the marshmallow unagi disaster, I think the rest turned out well. Everyone was surprised to see sushi and the birthday boy seemed impressed (either that, or he was a good actor!). For some reason I could not find white sprinkles, so I had to shave white chocolate for the ‘rice’. All the little cakes are vanilla with vanilla butter cream aside from the ones with the roe. Those have strawberry buttercream filling to match the raspberry roe. I also finally got some syringes to make the roe. and it was a lot easier than using an eye dropper!

Sushi Anyone?



The birthday boy with his sushi platter.



3 thoughts on “Birthday Sushi Platter


    i’m SUPER impressed with Amir’s Bday cake! Please say you’ll come to Malaysia and bake me one! heheeh 😛


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