Bidding farewell to a good friend

We had a farewell picnic lunch for my friend Amir this weekend. After about 8 years here in Sydney, he has decided to head home to Malaysia. So what a better way to farewell Sydney than to have a picnic at Cremorne Point. It’s such a pretty spot and it’s usually not too crowded and the views of the harbour are amazing.


When we got there, there was plenty of parking which surprised me… but when I got out of the car I realised why. It was a beautiful day, but it was also windy and freezing! Not the best day for a picnic, but for Amir we put on our jumpers and soldiered on.

To celebrate or mourn (depending on how you want to see it) the leaving of our friend, I decided to make a cake to look like him. I’ve never really made a carved cake with ‘features’ before so I thought this would be a good time to try. After all only a friend (and a non paying customer) will be willing to forgive me if I make a mess out of it! So once again, my friends were at the receiving end of my experiments and learning experience 🙂 It was fun carving and moulding out all the features and even more exciting to cover it with the rolled icing and seeing it all come together.


I don’t know if it really looks like him, but at least it looks like a person’s head! There are a few things I wasn’t too happy with, but I have learnt plenty for next time! People were also cracking jokes about how the cake looked much better than him… Hmmm. Plus they were excited about the prospect of cutting him up… I wonder what it means if your friends are looking forward to cutting and eating you 😮



The pretty sunset…

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  1. Looks like a fabulous going away party! I think your cake is absolutely impressive; I wish I could so something so creative!! I just love your blog, and I can’t wait to keep reading more 🙂

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