Ask Me Anything – Post 8

Ask me anything is a weekly post where I answer any questions you may have about me. Cake decorating related or not 🙂

What brand of fondant do you use? If you use store bought could you tell us if you have a home made fondant recipe that works just fine? 

I mainly use Bakels to cover all my cakes and Satin Ice for decorations. I have tried making my own fondant many, many years ago (as part of class) and in my opinion it’s more effort than it’s worth and the consistency and texture is just not as good as the commercial ones.

What brand or type of powdered colours do you use and where do you buy them?

I only use gel paste colours. I have tried powdered colours but they don’t seem to mix well into the fondant (for me) and tend to leave a lot of spots. The gel pastes I use are a mixture of Wilton, Americolor and Sugarflair. The brand I purchase is dependent on the types of colour I prefer. I purchase most of my colours either from wholesalers or through US based cake decorating websites.

I would love to know if you use styrofoam balls as centers and supports for heavy flowers like peonies?

Yes I do. It’s not absolutely necessary but it just saves on gumpaste and prevents the flowers from being too heavy when you are finished.

Do you transport your cakes separately or as a whole (all stacked up)?

As much as I can, I always transport my cakes fully assembled. This is because I don’t like fussing when I get the the venues and also don’t like the additional pressure of everyone watching me while I work. If the cake is too tall, I would just take off the top layer and add it on when I get there. 

This means that I can do back to back deliveries without having to schedule in extra time for assembly/ set up and if the venue is not ready for me, I can just drop the cake off and not have to worry about waiting around for the tables to be set up…etc

I would like to ask how to make your cake taste nice and not too sweet. As I had try making cake cover with fondant. The taste is just too sweet with buttercream and Fondant by itself is sweet too.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about the sweetness. You can cut down the sugar in the cake or bake with flavours that are not as sweet (coffee cake, lemon and lime cake…etc) and also use a less sweet frosting option like dark chocolate ganache. But when it comes to the fondant… well it’s pretty much made all out of sugar. I usually don’t roll the fondant too thick which might help, but other than that, you just have to remember that most people have a small slice of these cakes and tend not to eat the whole thing 🙂

My question is what can you suggest for ganaching your cake if the customer is on dairy free dietary needs ?

I personally have not tried this, but I have had cake friends tell me that you can get lactose free cream (which might work if they are allergic) or even use coconut cream as a replacement.

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