Ask Me Anything – Post 7

Ask me anything is a weekly post where I answer any questions you may have about me. Cake decorating related or not 🙂

I’m from the USA and wanted to know, when you show the naked cakes, what type of board is the cake resting on? 

The cake is resting on what we call a ‘set up board’ here in Australia. This is just a thick board that I cover with clear contact paper and I ganache and cover my cakes on there. Then when it’s ready to be stacked, I remove it from that board and place it on the main cake, wipe it down and use it again. It doesn’t have to be anything special, as long as it’s sturdy enough to hold the cake.

My only question regarding ganache is how much do you apply to the cake…is there a rule of thumb?

There is no set rule of thumb. It all comes down to personal preference. If you love chocolate put more between the layers, if not you can put less. But bear in mind, the more you put between the layers, the taller your final cake.

If you have to do a birthday cake for 150 people. How big will the cake be? My friend wants a three tier cake, and I don’t know how big each tier should be? 

There are a few different cake serving charts out there but I personally follow the Wilton Serving Chart. The numbers they have on there I use for dessert servings, and if I want coffee servings, I multiply by two.

As for how to design a cake around serving numbers, again, there is no right way. Typically I allow a two inch gap between all my stacked cakes (ie. 6in, 8in and 10in), that’s just what I like. Some people allow one inch some allow three. You need to play around with the serving number and sizes.

At the end of the day you can also either substitute some tiers with styrofoam (if they want a big cake but dont need to serve many) or provide a kitchen cake (if the number of servings just won’t fit in the way you designed the cake sizes). There are always options 🙂

What all are the good books for learning sugar paste modelling?

I own quite a few cake decorating books but not as many compared to a lot of people I know! From those that I own I find the Debbie Brown and

Confetti Cakes books the best sources for modelling inspiration

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