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I usually have issues with my fondant mixture when the weather is dry, it cracks. What can I do to stop that?

I don’t know how you are storing your fondant but make sure it is double wrapped in cling wrap and then a plastic bag. If you want to be extra cautious, you can also place it in an air tight container.
If you still feel it’s dry, add a little glycerine to it. A couple of drops for a small piece and about a teaspoon for bigger pieces. Kneed it and you should feel the difference. If it’s still dry, add a little more.
Alternatively, you can also add some Crisco (vegetable fat) and kneed it in. Try not to use too much of this.
If all else fails, sometimes it’s easier and faster to start again with a fresh batch of fondant.

If you freeze the cake to carve, will the cake taste bad or dry?

It’s the opposite really! I find that frozen cakes are actually more moist (if frozen properly) because there is more moisture added in when they thaw. For carving cakes, I tend to make sure the cakes are chilled because they carve with less mess and the ganache sets really fast when you apply it.

Make sure when you freeze the cakes, they are wrapped well with cling wrap and if possible place it in a container as well.

I wanted to know if you use gum paste or just plain fondant (or a mix of something else) to make your sugar flowers?

Personally, all my flowers are made with gum paste. This is because it sets very hard and can also be rolled very thin. Fondant does not work because it is made from different ingredients and will not dry as firm.

The only time I use fondant to make flowers is when they are being placed on cupcakes and are only small.

Could you share what brand of gumpaste or recipe you use for making flowers? I seem to have trouble with the one I’m using right now when its humid.

I use Satin Ice gumpaste for all my flowers and have only made my own gumpaste once using Jacqueline Butler’s/ Nicholas Lodge’s recipe which is also fantastic. I never had a problem with humidity and my sugar flowers but I also don’t work in a very humid area.
Perhaps try storing them in a box when they are dry until you are ready to place them on the cake. Or also consider a dehumidifier, some of my cake friends have one and they seem to swear by it.
There is also a recipe by Inspired byMichelle that uses potato flour which I have not tried but have heard great things about.

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  1. Yay! my question made your post! Thanks Sharon for the info on the gum paste! Is gum paste and modeling paste the same thing? opps…another question…

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