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Ask me anything is a series of posts where I answer any questions you may have about me. Cake decorating related or not 🙂 



I’m planning on making a fondant cake but I dont want to bake the cake itself. This is because I’m planning on making a cake for my son’s baptism and with 3 kids I dont have the luxury of time to bake the cake. Is it possible to just use a store bought ready made cake at a grocery store or bakery and just cover it myself with fondant? If so what type of cake is best? Ganache covered or buttercream covered? 

In my humble opinion, if you don’t have the time to bake there is nothing wrong with buying a pre-made cake from a grocery store or bakery and decorating it yourself. If you are using ganache, you’ll want a cake that is slightly denser. If it’s your first time doing this then I would suggest getting a cake similar to a butter cake density. If you are more confident you can get a lighter sponge cake. I personally would use ganache but you can also use buttercream if you prefer.

Could you please share some tips to deal with bubbles underneath and inside the fondant? sometimes i pop them after i’ve placed the fondant on the cake, but when the bubble deflates it leaves a dent mark which i can’t smooth out very well. 

I use an acupuncture needle to remove any air bubbles from my cake. I find these don’t leave a pin hole mark like normal needles do. If there is a dent mark after the bubble in gone, just use a piece of acetate (or clear plastic binding cover) and buff it away 🙂

Do you have some tips for inserting flowers (real and sugar) into cakes? i always worry the weight of my sugar flower will drag the wire down the side of the cake unless i rest the flower on the tier below, but i’ve seen some cakes where a big flower has been inserted about halfway up the tier and it seems fine just resting on nothing. Should the wire be straight or particularly long when you stick it in? 


With real flowers, you will need to make sure the florist has wrapped and prepared them for you correctly because you don’t want any part of the stem or any sap to come in contact with the cake. Personally, I hardly have flowers floating between the tiers but if I do, I will make the wire a little longer or even thicker (by taping it with a skewer) before inserting it into the cake.

All my cakes are set up with ganache so they are pretty sturdy and are able to hold any wires or skewers inserted into it at any angle. But if you are dealing with softer cakes and butter cream, the safest way would be to assemble the flowers on site after the cake is set up.

Am just wondering exactly how your 3-4 tiered cakes can be so stable to be able to transport to specific venue?

My tiers are just stacked on top of each other with dowels and some royal icing to stick them together. Occasionally, if the cake is going a very long distance, I also set it up with a centre pole in the middle which acts like a spine for the cake. This should also be coupled with careful driving too!

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