Another Cupcake Workshop :)


Last weekend I got to meet 2 of the loveliest girls. I had my 3rd cupcake work shop with Jacqui and Anna who were not only fantastic and talented but were also so much fun to get along with.

The girls decided on a spring theme and when they arrived we started brainstorming some ideas, looking at colour palettes and then sketching some rough concepts. It was decided that they will be making some bees, flowers, ducks, birds, bunnies and ladybugs (everything which just represents cuteness and spring 🙂 ). Anna was most excited about the ladybugs as she just loves them (her blog is called the diary of a ladybug after all!)



Covering their cupcake with spring colours…



Putting the details on the figurines…




Lots of care and attention to detail… Look at how small Anna made her little duckling!



Quck quack!



One of the final cupcake sets….




Anna and Jacqui were such naturals and created the little figurines in their own style and it was so fantastic seeing their sketches turn into sugar reality 🙂 To read about the day they had from Anna’s perspective, check out her blog – Diary of a Ladybird. Anna had contacted me about a month ago and in her blog she mentions how she and Jacqui counted down the days till my cupcake workshop, I’m so flattered!



Anna and Jacqui and their finished creations

haven’t really been doing cupcake classes officially (I’ve only been running them when people email me) but I think I might start promoting it officially on my website. Until then, if you are interested in classes, please feel free to email me to find out more or to register your interest.

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