Andria’s Hello Kitty Birthday

I feel like Hello Kitty is practically a rite of passage for any little girl. So when my niece turned 1 last year, my cousin and I decided she needed to start her Hello Kitty obsession early. One of the best things about Hello Kitty? It’s SO easy to find themed accessories, and even cutters and moulds.

If you didn’t know by now, these parties for my only nephew and niece are pretty much the only times I get the chance to have free reign to do what I want. I’d been catering my nephew’s birthday for 5 years now so it was so fun to actually get to do something girly for a change.

It was a particularly busy week for me so I knew I didn’t have the time to create some fancy structural 3D Hello Kitty cake so I decided to keep all the sweets nice and simple. I designed the sweets to ensure that I could prepare as many things in advance as possible – such as the chocolate bark, moulded chocolates, cupcake toppers, and marshmallows.

I saw similar sprinkles online but I could not order them in time so I thought why not pipe my own? Well, it was very time consuming so thankfully I only had a handful to do!

For the rest I made sure they were easy to assemble on the day if needed. I made the pastry cream for the fruit tarts the day before, purchased the shells and just filled and topped them with chopped fruits the morning of the party.

The only other thing that I had to do on the morning of the party was to make the choux pastry for the cream puffs. Luckily this was something that is pretty easy to do and that I had done many times in the past. The morning of an event is not really the right time to be trying something new for the first time 🙂

For the cake, I decided to paint it in varying shades of pink. Since the table was also so busy with everything else, I didn’t want the cake itself to be too busy. The pink tones kept it sweet and simple. It was also such a fast and simple way to finish off a cake.

I used Edible Art Paints to paint the ganache because it is specially formulated for painting on edible surfaces. And unlike regular food colouring, these paints paint smoothly, are opaque, and dry quickly.

If you set up and ganache your cake well, using Edible Art Paints, there really is no need for a layer of fondant 😉

I filmed the set up and painting of the cake which you can watch in this speedy video AND as an extra bonus, I’ve compiled a step by step free cake tutorial for this project. You can download the PDF through our online store here. Enjoy!

If you ever make anything from my tutorials, please do share them with me to tag me in the photos. I love seeing what you create from my tutorials!

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