A Space Explorer Themed Birthday

My little nephew turned 4 this year (already!!) and has been obsessed with all things space this past year so my cousin and I decided this year’s party would be a space themed one. I thought it would be so fun to play with colours and sparkles and I had all these grand plans for the dessert table but unfortunately, the week of the party I got sick πŸ™ Really sick. So I had to cut back on so many things I wanted to do and it was just a struggle to get it done in time.

The finished cake!

Oh well, these things happen and overall no one seemed to miss all the other stuff I had planned so maybe I didn’t need them after all πŸ˜› Plus there was more than enough glitter jellies for the kids so they were kept very happy.

The kids picked all the jelly off the table first πŸ™‚
Beautiful custom planet chocolate balls by Jen at Β Bakedown Cakery!

I tried a different technique of painting the ganache on the cake to turn it into a black cake rather than using black fondant because I didn’t think the parents would appreciate their children running around the park with black mouths πŸ™‚ Plus, this method was so much easier than covering a cake with fondant and my sick self really appreciated it.

I used black gel paste mixed with cake decorating alcohol (or a high percentage clear alcohol) to paint the ganache but a better product to use is the black paint from Edible Art Paints. The Edible Art Paint will paint over firm buttercream as well (you can use a crusting buttercream, or put your cake in the fridge until it is firm). For the white flecks of colour, I used the Edible Art Paint whiteΒ which I find applies and dries really nicely without going see through.

The birthday boy and his mum and dad. He looks a bit uncomfortable with all the attention!

I used various sized styrofoam balls for the planets. You can get these from craft stores and some of them even have a solar system pack which you can get.

It was nearly impossible to organise the kids to take a proper photo. I don’t how school photographers do it!

The party was in May this year but I have only finally gotten around to editing all the photos and putting together the tutorial video – yikes, this year is really flying by. Anyways I hope you enjoy the tutorial and the next time you are considering covering your cake in black fondant, you give painting your ganache a go instead! Feel free to leave me any comments or questions below πŸ™‚

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