A Peter Rabbit Styled Party – The Prep and DIY matching cake boards

So we are one week away from the 6 month long anticipated Peter Rabbit themed birthday party for Lucas. I found some other inspiration pictures which would make great party food/accessories and wanted to share them with you.

These cups!! So simple but so, so effective and cute! Source: unknown via Pinterest 

How cute is this idea?! Chocolate dipped strawberries that look like carrots!! Source:
Lil’ Luna

And my personal favourite… the bunny cake stand! I own one of these and I LOVE him. He is on permanent display and we use him to put all our keys.

My cousin has been a busy preparing everything for the day… this consists of making favours, display plates, popcorn holders and a digging pit. Yes a digging pit. She could not find anything suitable, so she went into our local Bunnings and bought a couple of wood pieces which she then hot glued together. More on that once we dress up the table this weekend 🙂

Popcorn holders and stand Colleen made. She printed her own holder paper which consists of Peter Rabbit stories and tiled pictures.

How cute is this carrot party favour she bought for the other little kiddies! The carrot is two separate little towels.

In the mean time, here is a mini tutorial from Colleen (my cousin) on how to dress up some cake boards to match your theme.

This is great (and inexpensive) for putting on top of your cake stands to display any cupcakes, cookies or small treats. The pattern on the board will still show through and tie everything together.

Basic items and tools required

  • Cake base/boards
  • Double sided tape
  • A pair of scissors
  • Pen
  • Wrapping paper or patterned paper of your choice
  • Clear contact paper

Before you start…

  • Choose your cake stand/stands
  • Measure the appropriate cake base needed

Step 1
Trace the shape of the cake base onto the back of your paper. Cut out traced pattern

TIP: To get the most out of your paper, position your cake base at the very edge of the paper

Step 2
Cut some double sided tape and stick around the edges of the cake base to secure your paper cut out. Four pieces are enough (Top, bottom, left and right) as the contact paper will seal the paper to the cake base.

Step 3
Apply the contact paper, leaving a boarder of about 2 cm around the edges. Start with a small section and secure it to the cake base as seen in diagram. Slowly pull off backing of the contact paper, applying pressure as you go along.

Tip: When applying the contact paper, it is best to keep it as close to the cake base as possible. This reduces the chances of air bubbles or particles getting caught in between.

Step 4
Fold the access contact paper down and stick it to the base. Because it is the base of the cake stand, it does not matter if it is untidy.

Your cake stand base is now finished! For an interesting look, try combining different paper patterns to jazz up your stands.

As an added feature, cut out the designs from the remainder of your paper. Then, using sticky tape, stick them to toothpicks and use them as decorations for your cakes or simply stick them onto any item such as jars or name holders around your dessert table. Don’t waste the prettiness 🙂

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