A Peter Rabbit Styled Party – The Inspiration Board

I believe the key to a successful and stress free party (or cake) is to plan and allocate yourself tasks and a timeline to complete them. While this may sound boring and like way too much work, I guarantee you that it will make the whole experience a fun one as opposed to a stress induced one where you break down in tears because things are not going the right way or end up paying extra for express shipping or last minute bookings.
My cousin is having a first birthday party for her little boy Lucas in a couple of weeks and as part of helping her out with all the festivities, I thought I’d document it all as I worked through the whole process. My cousin has planned for a Peter Rabbit styled party since her little boy was 6 months old. She’s been shopping online, in stores and collecting things here and there for a long time. Yes she may have been a little bit obsessed 🙂
Below I have put together a style board with some colour swatches and some of the images I have collected on Pintrest to get creative juices and party ideas flowing. Next week I’ll feature more of the party type details and ideas we plan to have. Enjoy for now 🙂

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