A Massive Week of Business and Decorating

What a MASSIVE week!

For those of you who don’t know, I co-own and teach decorating classes at Couture Cake Classes and we ran our first ever intensive cake decorating and business session this week.

The intensive session was only available to 4 students and this week they got an insight to my studio and how Louise from Cupcakes for Poppy, Lilia from My Sweethearts Bakery and I run our businesses. There were hours of discussions, brainstorms, designing and days of ganaching, covering and decorating. 

The students got to design their own cakes and by today (day 4) we (and the students) were all mentally and physically exhausted but extremely proud of the cakes that were created. One of our students, Katie even traveled all the way from Melbourne to join us. I was extremely flattered!

Here’s wishing all 4 of them lots of success and fun decorating times ahead! 
We’ve got a new class date listed for this class in August so be sure to check it out quickly as this class is super popular.

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