A Little Time to Catch Up

I’m so embarrassed. 

It’s been almost 2 months since I last updated my blog. 2 months. That is just shocking!

I must truly be busy. And I know this because I have not even had time to glace or think about writing on this blog and the last post on this blog feels like it was just posted last week.
The last couple of months have been insane to say the least and one of the reasons I am forcing myself to take half an hour to write this post before bed is because I think I owe all of you an insight as to what has been happening and just how many times I have come close to just snapping into a million pieces.
Firstly I have just moved. I’m sure most of you would agree that moving is not fun. Sure it may be exciting thinking about your new place and all the extra space you will have or the nice view you will see when you wake up in the morning. But the actual act and process of moving is a serious pain in the butt. I have never, ever met anyone who tells me that they LOVE moving. Sure it’s a great way to spring clean but seriously, half the time I am left wondering how I managed to store and accumulate so much junk!

So anyway, we moved about two weeks ago but leading up to that there was lots of packing, cakes to be made and classes still to be run. There were weeks where I’d wake up at 7am to meet a trades person at the new house, wait around while they completed their jobs, run errands, get home start on orders, reply to emails and not get to bed until past 11pm. I was completely exhausted and on many occasions I just sat looking at the mess around me overwhelmed with what to do next. It seriously felt like it was never going to end.

I’m glad to say the cake room/ studio is now all set up and all that is left to do is just hang some pictures and pretty it up a little. Pictures to come soon once it’s all done I promise πŸ™‚

And finally yesterday, we got our internet connection back and I now feel like I can get some real work done! Prior to this we were all connecting through our phones and doing the bare minimum to get by so we don’t run out of internet too fast.

Aside from all the moving drama and stress, I’ve also been planning and finalising my classes for Europe and Asia. I am super excited about the classes and touched by the response but honestly I am also a little nervous about being away from home for such a long period of time. In total I will be away for 3 months. That’s 3 months I will be practically living out of a suitcase πŸ™ But I really can’t wait to meet some new friends and catch up with some old ones. The list of all my classes can be found here under the international classes section.

Plus on top of all that, I had some very special visitors last week. Jacqueline, Shona and Amy from Artistiq Sugarcraft came all the way from Singapore to do some super teacher training with me. They were the first ones to visit my new studio too! I think they approved of my newfound organisational skills but I have yet to label every thing. So for now, I am the only one that knows where everything is πŸ™‚

Photo from Artistiq Sugarcraft

Their trip is part of a new business idea I am trying out. Together with Heavenly Sweet in Jakarta, Artistiq Sugarcraft is now authorised to teach my beginner basic classes in Singapore. We collaborated on a range of new designs for them and they gave input on what would best suit the Singaporean market. So Singaporean students, these classes have been designed just for you! Part of the training also involves them running an actual class at my studio, receiving feedback and then taking all this back with them to Singapore so you will have a chance to learn these new skills all year round now.

We’ve worked extremely close throughout this process, so the techniques and methods used in the class will be those that I use in my own classes here in Sydney. In the past I have received emails from beginner students who wish to join my my advanced classes but as I don’t teach many beginner classes when I am hosted overseas, this collaboration will now give students a great opportunity to pick up beginner ganaching and cake carving skills and bring them up to speed to attend an advanced class, so beginners, you won’t have to miss out anymore πŸ™‚

It was an amazing week spent with the Artistiq team and their passion for their students and what they do really shone through. As we all know, the people who do the best and really survive in this caking industry are the ones with the love for it.

Last week I also had the honour of being a guest at my friend Mary’s 1st birthday celebration at her shop. Mary owns Couture Cakes and Supplies and I can’t believe a year has already passed since she set it all up! She sells a fantastic range of supplies and her generous personality and kindness ensures that her customer service is always top noch! Together with some of my other cake friends Patricia (Yummy Cupcakes and Cakes) and Dewi (Sweet Bloom Cakes) we got to run a few cool demos during the day. I’d like to take this time to thank everyone who took the time to come out and support us and I really enjoyed meeting all of you (I hope you all learned something new too!) and Mary as well as the Couture Cakes and Supplies team who made us feel so welcome and at home.

Photo from Mary at Couture Cakes and Supplies

In other news, I’ve also been working on keeping a business journal which I may one day post all or maybe just keep it to myself. I’m not sure for now, but in the mean time it’s just a way for me to organize and declutter my thoughts as well as let off some steam when things are difficult or to write down and remember the good times and milestones. Sometimes good and bad things happen that I can’t share with all of you just yet (or I may just cause some fights!) but when enough time passes I hope I will get to share it and that you will be interested to read the ins and outs of my business life.

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