A Little Taste of Cupcake Fame

My little cupcakes got a little taste of fame this week…
I got approached by a PR company to make some Cancer Council themed cupcakes for the Sunrise show early this week. With less than 24 hours to come up with a design and to bake and decorate them, the pressure was on!
I can promise you I have never worked quicker… in about 4 hours, all the cupcakes were baked, decorations made and assembled.

I only wish I actually had some natural sunlight to take the photos but they had to be picked up at 5am…

And here they were on Sunrise… They were covered up a lot but I was so excited I took a photo of my TV 😀


8 thoughts on “A Little Taste of Cupcake Fame

  1. Wow! That is really exciting, you are practically ‘famous’! They look very nice and you did especially well with such short notice..

  2. Thank you everyone! I felt a little lame taking a photo of my TV but hey, it’s not everyday my little cupcakes get to be on TV 😀

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