A Lesson in Piping

Do you have any regrets?
Sometimes I say things in the moment and then immediately mentally kick myself, ‘why did I just offer to do that!’ or ‘why did I just say that!’. But it’s too late! The words are already out of my mouth. So the best I can do is either back paddle or follow through… and I don’t like back paddling!
I remember a couple of years ago when I was looking for a new job, when my current boss found out, he asked me if it was because of the salary. Immediately I said, ‘no it’s not. I don’t care about the money I want the experience’. Which was true at the time but when I told a friend of mine she was shocked ‘never tell your boss not about the money! Wouldn’t you like a pay rise anyways?’ Oops, she did have a point.
Recently I made a design recommendation to a client and kicked myself in the head after. And as my hands were aching after all the piping I knew I only had myself to blame. 
This bride brought in a cake picture that had used a black and white print from the Christina Re paper range. In the picture, the print looked like it was printed out on an edible image sheet and stuck on the cake. 



I personally didn’t like the look so I said the design will be piped on. Oh boy did I suffer for that! The pattern was so intricate that I had to use a 00 piping tip to pipe it on and as I did the first pattern block I realised in dismay that it had taken me 20 minutes and my thumbs were already sore. What do I do? Suck it up and keep piping! slow and steady, slow and steady (but try and move faster!) and 6 hours later…



In the end it was worth it and I was really pleased with the cake. I don’t think I would have done the cake any other way and I learnt lots from the challenge I set for myself. But at the beginning and during the process, the finish line looked so far away, I was mentally kicking myself all the way.



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13 thoughts on “A Lesson in Piping

  1. Sharon, this is just so stunning! It blows my mind that you can pipe like that! Amazing! I was looking at the pic of the paper thinking ‘no, surely she didn’t offer to pipe that…!’

  2. Thank you everyone!

    Three Honeybees – It was an offer that I regretted immediately! But looking back it all turned out ok 🙂

    NuNuZa- I transferred the pattern by rolling the paper with the icing through a pasta machine. Then I just cut it out in blocks and attached it to the cake. Much easier than doing it by hand!

    Anna – Thank you! yes, we much catch up soon. I see on FB you have exciting news 🙂 Maybe when I get back from my holidays!

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