A Floral End to 2011

It’s unusual for me to dedicate a whole blog post to one cake but I spent hours and days and days on just making the flowers alone that I think I need to document the process and remember the challenge.

Making sugar flowers is an extremely long process… You are trying to create something in nature that is so delicate and consists of lots and lots of layers and details. It is truly an achievement when I see some artists who have created flowers that are so realistic that you would not even think for a second that they are made from sugar. Hopefully that will be me one day 😀

So anyways, although my sugar flowers were more stylised, it took two full days just to create them all. Cutting out hundreds of petals and wiring and sticking them all together. It may bore some people but I find it quite relaxing… it is quite a repetitive process so I do get to watch some TV in the background which is a bonus 🙂

Peonies. I love these flowers but with each petal wired on separately, these take such a long time to make and assemble.

Filler berries.

Lots and lots of leaves. I actually thought I made too many but in fact I could have used more!


Colouring dusts… I love rainbow colours 🙂

Burgundy peony buds.

Filler berries.

Dusting trays.

Group shot!

The hours and days all lead up to this point… when everything is ready to be assembled on the cake. This is my favourite part but by far the shortest. It goes by too quick 🙁

So this was the last wedding cake of the year… and certainly the one I am most proud of due to the challange of having to match the flowers to the ones the florist was providing. The bride and the stylist had such a clear vision of how they wanted the cake to look like in their midsummers garden theme and I was so honoured to get to be part of the magic.

After all that, we headed off to my cousin’s new place to welcome in the New Year with the rest of my family. 

How cool is this?! It’s ice cream! From Messina

Flynn getting into the New Year spirit with her paper crowns.

Honey chicken… yum 🙂

Welcome to 2012! I can’t wait to start my cakey adventures with all of you and get though my long list of ‘to dos’!

8 thoughts on “A Floral End to 2011

  1. Only a cake decorator can understand how much time, effort, great love and passion put into a cake, like this one. A big WOW for me, gorgeous creation. All the very best for 2012 🙂

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