A Cheeky Cake

A funny thing happened to me yesterday… A guy had placed an order with me last week for a bum cake for his friend’s birthday. I’ve done cupcake boobs in the past but never a bum cake. I must admit I was exited by this project because it was just seemed so fun and cheeky 😉

So the guy decided he wanted to pick up the cake. He gave me a call as he was approaching my building and I took the bum cake complete with its frilly red g-string and a nice red lipstick kiss mark and stood along the side of the road… waiting….

A car then pulls up and a guy winds his window down. I walk up and he asks how I am… um, good… at that point I then thought it was a bit strange that he did not acknowledge the cake. So I asked him, “um, did you want the cake in the back seat?”

Then I suddenly feel someone standing next to me… “It’s us that you want.” Huh?! I turn around and there was a guy and a girl there looking at me and the cake in excitement. “The cake is for us”. I looked back at the car and the driver had rolled up his window and zoomed away laughing. And then it hits me… I almost gave the cake to the wrong person! Some random! Oh dear, how embarrassing and what a disaster that would have been :$

3 thoughts on “A Cheeky Cake

  1. Ha ha! Great story…I’m surprised he didn’t take it! 😉 At least you probably won’t have to see him again.

    And the cake is very cute even if it is a bum!

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