A Cake for a Liverpool Fan

A while ago, Anna one of my former cupcake workshop students asked me to do a cake for her husband’s 30th. We brainstormed some ideas based around the cricket and soccer theme but Anna eventually decided to go with a Liverpool logo. Anna texted me the next day to say that Namit loved it 🙂 Which is great because I was a little worried I might have left something off the logo (and since I’m not a soccer fan I would not have noticed!).




A couple of days later, Anna wrote me the nicest and most encouraging Thank You card I have ever received. In this day and age of computers and mobiles, it’s not very common for me to be getting snail mail that is not from the bank or in a form of a bill. That’s why I was so touched Anna took the time to send me a card via good old snail mail.

I’ve been feeling a bit discouraged this last week and been having a good think about life in general so this thank you card really made my day! Thanks Anna! Anna also has a blog about her cooking adventures and has some great recipes and tips, check out: http://diaryofaladybird.blogspot.com/

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